George Kocar

(1948 - )

Archived in 2019


By appealing to jocular visual instincts and reactions, the insightful vision of George F. Kocar successfully bypass one level of conditioned response with another, anesthetizing instilled modification of interpretation with a lighthearted wizardry which opens consideration to more somber and consequential metaphor. The value of delight in his senses cheerfully equilibrate their circumstantial admonitions.

A native of Ohio, Kocar received his BFA from Cleveland State University and his MFA from Syracuse University. Among many exhibitors of his work has been the Cleveland Museum of Art, Erie Art Museum (Pennsylvania), Montserrat Gallery and Gallery Alexi in New York City, Centre International d’Art Contemporain of Paris, France and Maska Gallery of Seattle, Washington.

-New Art International

“I have been called a ‘humorous expressionist’ by some. Actually, my work combines various styles of art-pop, surrealism, symbolism, expressionism and outsider art that results in a convoluted blend. My paintings have been called ‘new image’, a term I like a lot. I strive to paint something that is ‘new’, even though I am using many of the conventions of the past. Satire and humor are prevalent in my paintings. It is my questioning nature, using paint to chronicle the absurdity of the modern world.”

George Kocar