Exhibition Catalogs & Publications

Gloria Plevin: Art and Essays

A collection of Gloria Plevin’s work accompanied by descriptions and commentary written by the artist.

Price: $35 +tax

Dexter Davis: A Portrait

A collection of Dexter Davis’ work alongside commentary from the artist and documentation of his professional career.

Price: $25 +tax

The Cave Painting and Old Soles: Patricia Zinsmeister Parker

A collection of Patricia Zinsmeister Parker’s work accompanied by a forward written by Tom Wachunas.

Price: $35 +tax

Tango: Mario Kujawski

A collection of poetry and artwork written by Mario Kujawski. The writing discusses many aspects of Kujawski’s feelings of being an outsider.

Price: $20 +tax

The Power Serve

An instructional guide illustrated and written by archived artist Ron Joranko on the making of the best tennis power serve. The book goes through various techniques and reasonings behind those techniques for both a professional and beginner player.

Price: $20 +tax

» Art Interprets Alzheimer’s

An exhibition featuring the artworks of George Roby and Herbert Ascherman.


» “Seeing Green: Recycled”

Encouraging the use of alternative, more earth-friendly, “greener” methods of art creation.

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