Exhibition Catalogs & Publications

Watershed: Teachers and Pupils

A collection of works and reflections from teachers and their pupils, discussing the choice of artists to take their careers into teaching and how it affects others artist’s careers. It features the teachers, Ruth B. Bercaw, William Martin Jean, and Thomas R. Roese and their pupils, Dexter Davis, Derek Hess, George Kozman, Susan Donovan Lowe, Ken Nevadomi, Glen Ratusnik, and Nick Taylor. It was curated by Archived Artist William Martin Jean.

Price: $15 +tax

The Archives Speak

A collection of artwork, stories, and insights from artists throughout Ohio.

Price: $35 +tax

Looking Inward

A catalog of the exhibition of the same name showcasing work focused on a portrait of the artists and looking inward at themselves through their work.

Price: $15 +tax

Artists Archives of the Western Reserve: An Exhibition of Work

The first collection of the work of the archived artists of AAWR. Includes the work, stories, and commentary of 65 archived artists.  Includes the work of David E Davis. William Martin Jean, Patricia Zinsmeister Parker, David Haberman, Randall Tiedman, Robert Jergens, Phyllis Seltzer, Phyllis Sloane, Shirley Aley Campbell, and many more archived artists.

Price: $20 +tax

Phyllis Sloane

A catalog of a retrospective exhibition by the Las Vegas Art Museum and the Sante Fe Printmakers Series of the work of Phyllis Sloane, an archived artist. Her versatile and diverse work is showcased along with a biography of much of her life.

Price: $30 +tax

The Flying Banana: The Art of George Kocar

A collection of George Kocar’s work alongside the artist’s own commentary.

Price: $20 +tax

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