Exhibition Catalogs & Publications

Szalay/Takács Secrets

A catalog of the inaugural show of Marilyn Szalay and Judy Takacs. The catalog showing a collection of both artists’ work along with a statement from the artists.

Price: $15 +tax

The Art of Gail Newman

A collection of art by Gail Newman accompanied by statements about the artist themselves and their close family.

Price: $13 +tax

Lee Heinen, American Family Album

A collection of Lee Heinen’s work alongside an essay by Douglas Max Utter and the artist’s own statement.

Price:$25 +tax

Harriet Moore Ballard

A collection of Harriet Moore Ballard’s work alongside recollections of her life and artistic process.

Price: $40 – Soft Cover $60 – Hard Cover +tax

Soft/Hard Cover

Unending Journeys: Works of Samuel Butnik

A catalog of the exhibition of the same name of the work of Samuel Butnik. The collection of his work along with a description of his life and process. This catalog was published jointly by ArtNEO and AAWR.

Price: $15 +tax

Samuel Butnik’s Europe: Drawings and Recollections

A collection of drawings made by Samuel Butnik during a 2 year stay in Europe alongside the artists’ recollections of the process of creating those works and his travel.

Price: $20 +tax

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