Kaplan The Look

The Look  charcoal, conte, pastel drawing on paper  24 x 18″ $950


Life keeps throwing things at you and the only choice is to live life to its fullest every day. After several health battles and emerging on the other side, I found that art helped me to heal and has become my passion. Although I enjoy working in many mediums my love for drawing is constant and led me to portraiture and figurative work.

In the beginning of every drawing there is always that first line that leads me to the next in search of the emotion I want to capture on the canvas. In searching for the rhythm of the line I hope to entice the viewer to linger a little longer and connect with the person on the canvas. I am particularly drawn to the eyes because they convey so many emotions and perhaps are really the window to the soul.

Wally Kaplan head shot

Wally Kaplan