Suzan Kraus Between Awareness and experience

Between Awareness and Experience  mixed media on paper  37.5 x 51″  NFS

Just like life, creating art is a journey of discovery. Each piece of work that I get involved in is a metaphorical symbol of where I am mentally, physically and metaphysically in my process of coming to awareness.  By mixing the media and creating various layers I am able to convey subtle sensitivities that would not be evident in a flat painting. The layers and combinations of various materials give emotional depth, texture and higher interest.   Working intuitively, always thinking in the potential, I find that even small accidents can impart a special unique life & breath to a concept which enables a connection to a larger consciousness.  Continuous experimentation with these materials and mark making fosters not only better visual expression but also better understanding of the human condition.


Suzan Kraus head shot

Suzan Kraus