Bugalski CibumPuer Tuss

Cibum Puer Tuss  mixed media sculpture  47 x 23 x 9″  $13,000


Despite masterful techniques and seemingly complex meaning, my objects do not reach the realm of “snobbish” highbrow, but manage to blur the line between low and high art, giving way to a new subclass of work that could be defined as Pop Surrealism.

My creativity has to do with the aperture through which I receive information. My sense organs constantly flood my mind, colliding with memories, images and experiences and resulting in tons of information to wade through. Where the normal brain possesses a strong filter for the relevant, the useful and the necessary (in exchange for an attention span), having less of a filter is the camp in which I resign. The camp of the abnormal and the creatives.

I do not care about being recognized by the art world as legitimate; if anything, I like to think I write my own rules in an unapologetic way. My work is inspired by a vast variety of topics and aesthetics that hopefully makes itself easily relatable to a large number of artists, laymen, admirers and whomever’s. Pop Surrealism allows me to reach an audience that was not necessarily interested or educated in art and provide them with familiar topics that did not require a particular artistic interpretation. More important than what my art makes you think, is the fact that my art makes you think.

Raymond Bugalski