Mary Ann Sedivy here on this Ridge

Here on this Ridge  acrylic on canvas  20 x 24″  $525


The landscape is an intriguing and rich source of inspiration for my painting.  Due to the variety of colors, textures, shapes, light and sounds through each season, the landscape continually provides incentive for painting.  This awareness is stimulated by a deep connection I feel with the outdoors.  Painting is a means of preserving and highlighting what we are rapidly losing in a rapidly changing world.

For me, expressing the landscape isn’t confined to one means.  Sometimes a plein air painting, other times a studio painting with strong abstract elements.   Most often with expressive brushwork and strong elements of color exploration.   I see the landscape in many of my abstract paintings.  While working on an abstract piece, I find that there’s often a reference to the sky, a horizon line and other aspects of the landscape.

I enjoy exploring the addition and subtraction of surface texture, dripping thin layers of acrylic paint, drawing on the paint surface, interfacing collage media with paint and keeping the brushwork energetic. When painting, I’m thinking about colors, textures, lines, shapes and how they all fit together.  Color experimentation and developing figure ground relationships guide me as I investigate the bridge between landscape painting and abstract painting.



Mary Ann Sedivy