Marti Higgins Daylilly

Daylilly  mixed media acrylic and collage on canvas  24 x20″  $600


My artwork is mostly about emotional and evocative color. I especially like to experiment with the relativity of color; how colors influence each other by proximity.   I expose these relationships by working with a layer and reveal technique.  Initial under layers are not immediately visible in a given piece, however these colors and shapes ground the finished product by influencing those yet to be applied and showing up in glimmers and slices.  I like to include a surprise color which at first glance may seem incongruous but has a way of solidifying the composition.  The heart of my subject matter are observations of the dualities found in nature.  Fascination with the contrast of simple and complicated lines in the branches of trees, a familiar scene continually changing with the seasons, shapes of large fields or studies of leaves on the ground  fuel my compositions.   I am inspired by the sense of disorder, yet perfect organization, I feel when in nature.  My mediums are acrylic on canvas, collage and encaustic.



Marti Higgins head shot

Marti Higgins