Lawrence Short Swandive nebula

Swandive Nebula  acrylic on canvas  30 x 40″  $1200


We live with chaos. Everything we seek to accomplish is affected by the behavior of the extremely complex natural systems around us so that we often find ourselves in a struggle against these effects, trying to produce what we envision in spite of the world in which we’re working. And yet some of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring things in nature are the product of these chaotic behaviors. What might we accomplish if, instead of struggling against the influence of chaos, we embrace the chaos, invite those complex behaviors to take part in what we create? My work is an exploration of this question, bringing together a combination of elements, color, viscosity, mass, wind, gravity, and allowing them to interact according to their nature, from time to time injecting my own will into the mix. The result is always interesting, thought-provoking and sometimes even beautiful.

short head shot

Lawrence Short