print by Adam Keegan

What We Think We Know    intaglio, monotype, photo transfer print  24 x 18″  $750


Each of my images is a done in a journalistic mode to document and distill events and experiences in my life. The catalysts that come into play are varied, including my family history, my experiences living with type 1 diabetes, my Shawnee native American heritage, or a found photograph. I am trying to understand different philosophies of identity while trying to write my own history.


My work is diverse in media, utilizing photographic and digital techniques alongside very traditional printmaking ones. By using these different media I am able to strive for more accurate ways of binding the form to the content. Typically, my imagery relies on figurative drawing. The process of transforming a drawing into a printing matrix lies at the heart of I define my working method. I enjoy allowing chance and accident to play more important roles as the matrixes develop. The manipulation of a photograph, the use of etching, cutting away extraneous wood, and the layering of all this temporal handiwork is an excellent metaphor for the myriad ways identity is formed. This heavy use of process unique to printmaking keeps me alert and open to new ways of working.


My work is deeply personal, but I hope that by focusing on myself, by exposing my narratives, I invite others to reflect on what shapes them.

Adam Keegan head shot

Keegan Adams