Julianne Edberg Inner Crabby

Inner Crabby mixed media on paper board sculpture  55 x 20 x 20″  $2500


It was late 2019.  Just what was I crabby about?

– My mother in a nursing home nearby? (likely)

– Trump? (probably)

– A bunch of trees blown down by some odd weather phenomenon called a microburst? (yes)

– The invasive vine in my backyard?

– Brothers not communicating ?

– Crashed my bike?

– Fridge busted?

– Redheaded woodpecker pecking on our house?

Who knows?

I have been drawing these blob shapes for years. I took another sculpture apart because it was horrible and used the triangles to make this one. The patterns are printed on my inkjet printer, on top of crossword puzzles.

I like the way the eyes came out.

Some of my influences are Sonya Clark, Ray Johnson, Valérie Blass, Joyce Scott, Kiki Smith, Nancy Currier. I am a graphic designer, quiltmaker, painter. Also a walker, bike rider, chocolate eater, reader.




Photography courtesy of Steve Mastrionni



Julianne Edberg