Takacs Venus

Venus, She’s Got It  oil on canvas  48 x 30″  $8,000

Takacs Treust Women
Trust Women oil on canvas
48 x 30″ NFS

As a figurative realist in love with the human form, I take inspiration from Renaissance and Classical artists. My current “Goddess Project” reimagines characters from the mythology of all religions through a contemporary feminist lens. My paintings seek to re-tell ancient stories and re-contextualizing historic art with an inclusive eye for a variety of body-types, ages, races and viewpoints. Female empowerment is at the heart of these works.

Included in NewNow is, Venus, She’s Got It where I cast a beautiful black woman as the iconic Goddess. I see her as a Prometheus character, gifting the fire of love to a non-Euro-centric view of the world.

Also included is Trust Women which re-imagines Michelangelo’s legendary underdog David, as a woman ready to take down the over-reaching power of the patriarchy and the government. Subtle hangers in the background allude to the reproductive freedom that our heroine fights for.

Judy Takács

First Place Award for Venus She's Got It