jennifer Gleason Saving Grace

Saving Grace  digital photographic composite print with acrylic embellishment  24 x 30″  $775


Through fantastical imagery of angels, warriors, flying umbrellas, natural disasters and more, Jennifer’s artwork flirts with the dark light of the macabre where the ugly basks in the juxtaposed glow of the beautiful. Personal journal pages transform into surrealistic imagery bearing a deeply metaphorical message pertaining to the journey of the being through growth and change as well as the examination of the psyche.  She plays the role of the Scribe; documenting her experiences along the journey’s path, inviting her audience to “See the Story Unheard.” Her work has a tender quality that gives depth and a feeling of nuance. Although her subject matter is of a very personal nature, she holds a little back which draws the viewer to question meaning to a greater extent.


Creating out of cathartic necessity, she developed a passion for storytelling and is dedicated to the healing power of art and raising awareness about how art enhances the well-being of individuals, society and the environment.


Journeys of great significance are rarely easy – they are filled with nightmares & darkness, insecurity & doubt, coldness & loneliness. With growth comes pain but also knowledge, love & understanding. In paying attention to the guidance of the symbols around her, Jennifer has found beauty, safety, & inspiration in some of the darkest & scariest moments.  She draws upon these dark moments for inspiration so as she may help shed rays of healing light and hope to those who may find themselves traveling similar paths.


Her piece entitled, “Saving Grace” is a hand embellished composite of photographs mounted on a birch wood panel and is dedicated to a sweet disheveled angelic messenger boy who gifted her a headlamp to light the path to her destiny. May we learn from our past but stay focused on the future.



Gleason head shot

Jennifer Gleason