Frost Field  Glass  15.5 x 11.5 x 11″  $2600


This hand blown glass-work with multiple overlays of color and diamond engraved textured surface is inspired by the experience of passing by an agricultural landscape. The colored overlays are applied during the hot glassblowing process This creating the color scheme and form. Once cool I engrave the surface to create patterns and textures to complete the idea of the experience I had. I am using contrasting layers of colored glass to explore the experiences from my connection to the agricultural landscape of the American Midwest. Specifically, the idea of passing through the agricultural landscape and observing how the land is cultivated from a moving car. I am fascinated by how the same area in a given day and/or season can change visually by the change in light, temperature, and atmosphere. For example, Frost Field is inspired by the experience of passing by an agricultural landscape during the cold winter months. The form I have chosen to apply this idea to allows for the viewer to move around the work to experience the idea of moving through the agricultural landscape. The form also relates to the world we inhabit and the idea of containing what is cultivated from the land.

Ben Johnson head shot

Benjamin Johnson