Ben Hauser Tears from the Lotus

Tears from the Lotus: An Egyptian Myth to reflect the President #9, the Asp  photographic print  24 x 20′  $975


Neither a camera, nor the effects of digital manipulation are used in the creation of this work. This imagery is based on a process of my creation. Once the light-sensitive color photographic paper has been removed from the box, fluorescent and incandescent lights are illuminated. Color photographic chemistry is then spread over the paper and the piece develops while it is being simultaneously exposed. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind.

I view this process as a metaphor to convey conceptual meanings. Alchemy and the writings of Carl Jung have informed my practice.

This is my most recent project within this photographic process, and I felt compelled to comment on our current state of affairs- One of the ancient creation myths recounts the story of a lotus flower that arose from the waters of chaos on the first day. As it blossomed, so too was the first god revealed within the flower. The infant god wept, and the world flowed forth from his tears.

This is my subversive take on the tale.



Hauser head shot courtesy of Herbert Ascherman Jr

Ben Hauser