Bordelois The Good Life

The Good Life  oil on canvas  40 x 30″  $3000


My art is inspired by my personal experiences and observations of the world around me. In fact, my paintings are about your story as much as they are about mine. I come up with ideas while doing mundane activities like washing dishes. All my experiences and observations filter in and mix in my head. I try to find communality in our unique stories. I let them marinate for a couple of days while more ideas and images join the parade. I write a short piece of prose, a poem, or a song about it. I do not describe them, but I need to write to slow down my thoughts to be able to paint. The “original” idea starts very personal and intimate but as the composition explodes in a crescendo of color, I start evaluating and adjusting the communication value of all my symbols, and colors trying to reach universal meaning. Connecting through my visual storytelling is particularly important to me. Art without an audience is an incomplete and fruitless selfish effort. Although, I do not create to please a particular audience, I try hard to find a few eyes that get my message. So, I hang our story on a gallery wall and hope for the best.

Bordelois head shot

Augusto Bordelois