Suzan Kraus

(1949 - )

Archived in 2010


Suzan Kraus is a contemporary multi-media collage artist. Through the intuitive manipulation of handmade and hand painted paper, she creates designs that are enlivened with earthy colors and textures. Kraus creates mixed-media works with handmade papers from around the world and accentuates them with found objects. She utilizes this technique to convey subtle sensitivities about life that would normally not be evident in a painting. As a hobby, she has also taken up Chinese brush painting. About her art Kraus has said, “Just like life, doing art is a journey of discovery. Each piece of work that I get involved in is a metaphorical symbol of where I am mentally, physically and spiritually in my process of coming to consciousness. I truly feel that because of some very auspicious star alignment, I have been awarded this grand opportunity to be an artist and teacher. It is my full time job that I take quite seriously and approach with a grateful mind and heart.”