Stuart Pearl

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Archived in 2017


Photographer Stuart Pearl is a lifelong Clevelander who loves to promote our city’s growth and transformation.  He believes that subjects like the Innerbelt Bridge Project, urban skylines and the Emerald Necklace all present opportunities for telling stories through the art of photography.

Pearl’s documentary technique is to be patient and methodical. Looking for the special light that transforms a mundane scene into a memorable image, he enables the viewer to see his surroundings in an entirely different way. His goal is to create images that have lasting impact.  Pearl carefully frames and times his compositions in a way that creates an engaging narrative between photograph and viewer.  He always strives to gain access to unique sites around Cleveland that at first may appear common but in fact tell the story of the city beginning at its core.

Pearl believes that photographers should support one another through mentoring and constructive critique as part of the creative process.  As an artist he believes there is a responsibility to foster dialogue with those in our larger community.  This can help create a stronger cultural appreciation for everyone. He has exhibited in the Metroparks, Erie Art Museum and Butler Institute of American Art. He currently serves as AAWR’s Board President and is a wonderful asset to this institution.