Rebecca Kaler

(1942 - )

Archived in 2018


Rebecca Kaler is an American artist who has shown extensively nationally and internationally in such places as the Butler Museum of American Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Cleveland Institute of Art Reinberger Gallery, the Kiosko Gallery in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and the Mansfield Art Center.

She became an archived artist at the Artist Archive of the Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH in 2019. She has authored and illustrated a children’s book, “Blueberry Bear,” published by Inquiring Voices Press, and has an extensive background in design, painting, textiles, and ceramics.

 She has lived and worked in Ohio, Colorado, Canada, and Bolivia, where she once served as a Peace Corps volunteer.  Her many travels through South America, Southern Africa, Siberia, Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and the USA have contributed to her diverse style and subject matter ranging from an interest in landscape to abstraction.  Kaler was the Curator of the Pearl Conard Art Gallery at The Ohio State University at Mansfield, OH, for nearly twenty years, and she currently resides in Cleveland Heights where she continues as a working artist.