June Bonner

(1919 - 2016)

Archived in 2001

June Bonner


June Bonner is a fiber artist with a history of weaving images from other cultures into her artwork. Her travels to Japan, Thailand and Nepal have especially influenced her work. As Allen Zimmerman of the Cleveland Institute of Art has commented, [she creates] “aesthetic designs that are at once compelling in their originality of perception and respectful of the traditions from which they emerge” [1992 statement for Bonner’s solo exhibition in Kyoto, Japan at Gallery Maronie]. Bonner also works with photography, using alternative printing techniques that are hold-over methods from the nineteenth century. Her blending of fiber and photo interests has led from sculptural paper to portfolios of prints, to prints accompanied by text, to sequential books, to books with photo prints.

Bonner was on the faculty of the Department of Continuing Education at the Cleveland Institute of Art and has lectured widely on papermaking and contemporary textiles. Her work can be found in the collections of the Cleveland Museum of Art, The Massillon Museum (Massillon, Ohio), Central Washington University, B.P. America, Key Bank, and several