Ingeborg Richter

(1933 - 2020)

Archived in 2008


Ingeborg Richter was born in Germany and studied art throughout Europe. While she was in Germany and Italy she studied under Christian Klaiber (a member of Bauhaus) and Weidenbacher, a student of Henry Matisse. Richter moved to the United States in the 1950’s and currently resides in North Olmsted, Ohio.

Richter is well known as an experimental artist who enjoys exploring new media and techniques. Throughout her years as an artist her approach towards her art has evolved. Associated with constructivism in its early years, she has also experimented with florid impressionism and the art and technology movements. She currently describes her work as being in “the first, second, third, and fourth dimensions.”

Richter’s work has been exhibited in Germany in both Nuremberg and Munich; her work has also been seen in the Brooklyn Museum in New York, Northern Illinois University, and the Schumacher Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. Extensively exhibited throughout the Greater Cleveland area, her work has been shown in the Lakewood Little Theater, Women’s City Club, Cleveland Art Club, and the Huntington Playhouse. Richter’s art can been seen in the permanent collections of the Canton Art Institute and the Butler Institute of American Art.