Anita Rogoff

(1919 - 2015)

Archived in 2010


Anita Rogoff is a Cleveland native who studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Rogoff graduated from Case Western Reserve University with a MA in art education and taught for over thirty years at CWRU, retiring as a professor and department head. She has had a long commercial career as an illustrator for Webster’s New World Dictionary, a fashion illustrator, and an illustrator for bibles. Rogoff continues to create art today and belongs to a group of local artists that meet every Friday to draw together. As a watercolorist, Anita Rogoff has shown her work in many high profile institutions such as the Cleveland Museum of Art’s May Show. In 2006 she was awarded first place in the Russell Art Show at Fairmount Center for the Arts. “My kids won’t need all of these,” Rogoff said about the hundreds of watercolors, landscapes, and portraits she’s done during her career. For Rogoff, becoming an Archived Artist was the best solution for preserving her artwork. “Otherwise, what will happen to it?”